A Note From the Founder and Designer

The thought of getting a new website designed is often stressful for many small business 

owners. This is the main reason why a lot of my clients have delayed getting their first

website or having an existing website redesigned. 

One of my most important goals as a designer is to help reduce the stress of getting started

for my clients. I do this by providing a clear and simple approach to the design process. This helps them feel more at ease about getting their product or service the online exposure they need in today's markets.

As designer and founder of BizTempo with 19 years of design experience, I am dedicated to working with my clients one on one. Because I am a solopreneur, I have the flexibility to tailor my  planning and design process to each individual client. I offer my clients a comprehensive package of services that makes the whole website creation process smooth and easy to follow.

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Bella Munoz

Email: admin@biztempo.com