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The thought of getting a new website designed is often stressful for many 

small business owners. This is the main reason why a lot of my clients have

delayed getting their first website built or having an existing website redesigned.

One of my most important goals as a designer and marketer is to help reduce that stress for my clients. 


An important thing  I've learned in my 19 years of design experience is that everything works better when the client has a clear understanding of the design process. I offer my clients a website building plan that includes how the website will be built and how the finished product should fit into an effective overall marketing strategy.


At Biztempo we'll build you a beautiful website but we'll also give you a website success plan with steps that you can implement at your own pace. We are a small business committed to helping other small businesses survive and thrive.

eliabel pic.jpeg
Bella Munoz
Biztempo Design

Bella's finished website design was amazing and I absolutely love it!  I would highly recommend her to other artists who are looking for a designer who cares about her clients.

Linda S.

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