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At BIZTEMPO DESIGN, I understand how 

essential  it is to share your story with the world.

That's why I design professional websites that:

  • Tell your unique brand story with visual appeal and impact 

  • Are mobile friendly to make your site look amazing on every screen plus

  • Function as a super effective marketing tool that works for you 24/7.

BizTempo websites  offer an easy-to-use drag and drop editor so clients can  make changes, customize, and  add anything as their business grows.

Or you can choose any of our 3 Web Support Plans and we'll be glad to make your changes for you.

SEO features are also built  into your Biztempo designed website to make sure it is mobile friendly and to guarantee better prioritizing by search engines.


Marketing online is not rocket science but if you're going to do it right you do need a certain skill set.

Many small business owners don't have that skill set nor do they have the time to acquire it. They are much too busy taking care of other critical tasks related to the day to day operations of their business. 

Yes, building an attractive website that consistently attracts online traffic is a good first step in the marketing process.


In our dramatically changing economy, it is more important than ever that your marketing plan center on building long term relationships with your customers and that will promote  growth in customer loyalty.

Our affiliated partner VIP Biz Online can help you craft a marketing plan that will:

  • Effectively refine your message to reach your targeted audience

  • Demonstrate the value of your product or services to your customers

  • Create a sales funnel that can work for you 24/7

  • Spread your business message across multiple channels for maximum exposure and maximum effectiveness

Stop wasting your money on marketing plans that don't work. We create plans that fit any type of business large or small  that are designed to keep your business on track for long term growth and stability.


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